• Training: sustainable sales skills development through immersive simulations
  • Growth through new business development
    Growth through new business development
  • Growth through increased focus on increasing revenue
    Growth through increased focus on increasing revenue
  • Growth through focused sales management
    Growth through focused sales management

How to improve your sales performance How to sell more

Welcome to Growth in Focus

We are Sales Management Specialists with a mission to help sales people say and do the right thing! Our company was founded because each of the founders had observed in their prior careers that sales people routinely say the wrong thing. How to fix that?

That is our mission.

Companies come to us with a variety of sales team questions including:

"How do we win more new business?"

"How do we convert more leads to sales?"

"How to convert more meetings into closed deals?"

"How can we win more tenders?"

"How do we know what the right mix of sales roles should be?"

"How we do recruit and select the best sales people?"

Underlying each of these questions lies the issue of getting sales people to say the right thing, and that is what we address.

How do we operate?

We focus on conversation collateral; the stories, questions and snippets of conversation that persuade, whether in a cold call, a first meeting, a full presentation of a tender document. It is these 'conversation elements' that do the selling.

We don't treat these questions as a theoretical exercise. Our approach is to roll our sleeves up and solve the problem with you and make sure the solution sticks. We can do that because we are not just 'sales teachers' we've had careers solving these exact problems inside and for a wide range of industry and company-types.

Some of the tools we deploy for you are:

  • Story workshops to uncover and deliver your best company stories
  • Prospecting for new clients training - both online and coached
  • Client Meeting Skills training - the fine art of questioning and listening
  • Sales Proposals and Presentations
  • Tender Workshops to secure that all important tender

Our expertise and experience is international which means that we draw on global best practice not just from what is happening in your local markets.

We work fast! We're not interested in dragging out the engagement, we look for the fastest, most efficient way to get your result and then we provide you with the systems you need to run on your own. As a happy consequence, our clients keep coming back!

We serve a diverse client base spanning many industries including Information Technology, Oil and Gas, Mining, Human Resources, Telecommunications, Engineering, Facilities Services and Professional Services. You can see some logos here.