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    Growth through new business development
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    Growth through increased focus on increasing revenue
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    Growth through focused sales management

From Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell (Due in July)

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Seven Stories – Quotable Quotes

Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must tell

Why Stories?

“When it comes to changing minds, stories are far more interesting and persuasive than assertions and opinions."

“Where there are strong, sustained sales results, there is always a storyteller at the centre of that success."

“Stories are mind-changing tools. Your buyer's mind and your mind will grow with stories."

“One antidote to conversation pushback is to ask questions — it's true, you can't push back against a question but it's difficult to convey information with questions. You can also tell a story, because we also don't push back against stories, we relax into stories and listen to them. Stories and questions together are your anti-pushback tools."

“You'll sell more and you'll sell better when you tell and share purposeful stories."

“I used to think it's better to avoid telling stories to driver-style CEOs or numbers-focused CFOs. Now I know those people also appreciate stories. Their brains are like everyone else's, but their time is precious, so your story must be tight and must make a relevant business point. The surprising truth about good stories is they work for everyone and they mostly do their work unnoticed."


“Friendship can only occur when you have shared your personal stories."

“A key staff story primes your customer to accept your specialist as the go-to authority."

“Hook stories are designed to make a connection of 'liking' and 'authority'. Make this connection and every aspect of the buying and selling process becomes easier."

“It's the story exchange that brings two people together to know and trust each other."


“Stories are mind-changing tools. Your buyer's mind and your mind will grow with stories."

“We predict our emotions as we listen to a story, as if we were the story's character. Your story hero allows your listener to inhabit that character and experience the story themselves."

“Success stories allow your client to mentally project into the future and convince themselves that it's safe and profitable to pursue that outcome. Turn your case studies into success stories and they will be fascinating for your future client."

“You need to make your customer, not you or your company, the true hero of the story. Recognise you are the guide. Not the hero."

“An insight story takes your client from their current thinking on a journey to appreciating the insight."

“What is the one skillset that sellers have that buyers lack? Sales skills. We must teach our buyer how to sell our solution inside their company."

“A salesperson: Someone who helps their client create their own success story."


“As a salesperson you're in the business of change. Your future client will continue to do whatever they have always done, unless you persuade them to change."

“When leaders by their actions demonstrate the company values, employees and customers follow."

“If you're confident that your solution is best for your client, then be confident to exert influence all the way to contract signature. Otherwise your client will lose out."

Story Ethics

“Some storytelling pundits will tell you that stories can be 'true' without the events themselves being true. They mean that false or altered events could still make a true business point. I agree, and that's the case with many fables, parables and myths. But note well who delivers those stories: they are stories told by gods, spiritual masters and famous people. Salespeople do not rank in the pantheon of trusted fable authorities! Our stories must be scrupulously true."

“Business stories that salespeople tell must be scrupulously true."

“Use your stories with the intention of getting the best outcome for your client, and only then for yourself."

Story Management

“Stories are too important to fluff in front of your potential client, so practice is essential."

“Every sales team needs a library for its stories and other persuasion collateral such as testimonials, scripts and sample meeting conversations."