• Training: sustainable sales skills development through immersive simulations
  • Growth through new business development
    Growth through new business development
  • Growth through increased focus on increasing revenue
    Growth through increased focus on increasing revenue
  • Growth through focused sales management
    Growth through focused sales management

Do you know how to manage your face time with your customers so that you find opportunities, and close them for mutual value in the shortest time possible?

We can show you how and with our unique teaching methodology you will learn sales conversations skills faster and with better retention.

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Consider investing in yourself with sales training from Growth in Focus

About Our Training Courses

Sales mastery is not a “black art". It's a learnable, controlled process that needs extensive practise to achieve competence.

Most sales training courses comprise just a day or two in the classroom with little follow-up. We do it differently. We teach the full process from creating interest to getting a yes, in an immersive one-day experiential workshop with extensive opportunity for follow-up practise over time.

Experiential Learning

Mastering the sales dialog is not a theoretical exercise, you need to practise, so we use real customers and real scenarios from your business for you to practise with.We focus on your personal skill attainment with one-to-one seller to buyer interactions and post-training video coaching sessions to reinforce new skills.

We capture your practice sessions on video and use a unique two-way video analysis technique called SIM TrainingTM that allows you to continue practising after the course. See here for an example.

Then we provide a private and confidential “customer evaluation" of your technique so you can see exactly where you need to improve.

SIM™ Training Methodology

What is the most common complaint about training courses? “The course was great but I don't remember much about it now ...." That's right, the most common complaint is about training is its effectiveness and failure of trainees to retain knowledge and skills. There are two main reasons; learning decay and unrealistic expectations.

Learning decay

This graph below shows the typical learning decay or “forgetting curve" for classroom learning.

Consider investing in yourself with sustainable sales training from Growth in Focus

While a training course may have been motivating, insightful and enjoyable, unfortunately studies show that knowledge retention with classroom training is poor.

Unrealistic expectations

The second major issue with short training classes is unrealistic expectations. If you are hoping to learn a new skill like negotiation or sales, it's unrealistic to expect to come out of a short course with the same skills as someone that has been practising these skills for many years. You should be wary of grand claims from training providers and look at short training courses as building blocks to longer term skill attainment.

Growth In Focus training seminars use a unique and effective technique for the learning the dialogue skills that are commonly required in sales, negotiation, conflict resolution and many other professional fields. This technique goes a long way towards addressing the learning decay issue with classroom training.It's called SIM Training which stands for Sustained, Immersive Simulation.

Sustained: Follow up video interview exercises are timed days, weeks and months after training to provide maximum reinforcement of the training class material. Learning retention is measured over time and there is an opportunity to continue with ongoing simulations for as long as it takes to achieve mastery.

The sustained nature of SIM Training™ goes a long way toward mitigating the learning decay problem as shown below.

Consider investing in yourself with sustained sales training from Growth in Focus

Immersive: The courses are light on theory and heavy on practice and you practice with real world examples from your own business. We make it as realistic as possible and our trainers have many years of experience from the customer side of the desk.

Simulation: A commercial airline pilot spends hundreds of hours in a flight simulator before being trusted with an aircraft and the lives of passengers but companies routinely send untrained employees into sales meetings and negotiations. Whilst these employees are unlikely to endanger lives but they certainly can endanger the health of your company! Simulations are the safe way to learn essential dialog skills.

SIM Training™- a new way to learn.