• Training: sustainable sales skills development through immersive simulations
  • Growth through new business development
    Growth through new business development
  • Growth through increased focus on increasing revenue
    Growth through increased focus on increasing revenue
  • Growth through focused sales management
    Growth through focused sales management

Coached Online Sales Development Courses

We offer a variety of self-paced online coached sales training courses. After an initial assessment we can recommend which courses are the most suitable for you and your sales team. You can listen to Mike talking about all of our courses here.

Each of our training courses can be customised to your organisation to include your specific sales process, calling scripts and meeting scripts. You may also choose to use our online learning platform to host your own internal training courses such as for your product and services.

The Online Course Portal

We also periodically offer public workshops on persuasion skills such as our business story selling workshop program. (see section below for details).

Growth in Focus Current Sales Training Public Workshop Schedule

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Story Selling Workshops

Why should you attend this workshop?

Because we think in metaphors and learn through stories.

Humans are wired by thousands of generations of oral history to learn and be motivated by narrative.

Top sales people use stories to build rapport, engage with their customers, persuade and move a sales opportunity to conclusion.

In these workshops you learn and practice the skills to becaome a memorable and effective

Who is this one-day workshop for?


This workshop is for anyone who needs to persuade others in their professional life. Professional services people, sales people, account managers and business managers will all benefit from our public story telling workshops.


The workshop is for companies to develop and consolidate their company story collateral so that stories are used purposefully and consistently as part of the corporate sales process. Where there is a specific sales target, such as major sales pursuit or tender, the workshop can be configured to recast existing stories and create new stories tailored for the immediate need.


Sales for Non-Sales Professionals

Who is this one-day workshop for?

Growth in Focus sales training for the non-sales personProfessional Services, technical professionals and business managers who want to increase their personal selling skills.

Why should you attend this course?

Use this course to get more from every customer interaction and be confident that you and your team are closing the highest value and most prospective sales cases.

Technical people have tremendous knowledge about their company's products and services, and they can be of great value to their customers and yet, they are often weak at sales.

Why is that? The most common reason is that technical people like to solve problems and they attempt to solve customer issues before the customer grants permission. By attempting to solve a customer issue before proper diagnosis and respect for and understanding of the customer's current course of action, you lose credibility in the eyes of the customer.

Top-flight sales people win higher-value deals because they have higher value customer conversations.

We will show you how to have those conversations and help you practice after the workshop.

Selling Yourself - Sales Training for Sales Career Progression

Growth in Focus Selling yourself Sales TrainingHow do you navigate your way to that new job you covet? You are a B2B sales professional but maybe you never had to sell yourself? This course is for you.

Who is this one-day workshop for?

B2B sales professionals who are looking for work, looking for a job change or just interested in upgrading their career change skills.

In this course, we focus on two fundamental skills - the skill of networking for job search and the skill of selling yourself through the job interview process. The course instructors have hired many hundreds of sales professionals between them, and it is remarkable how few sales candidates appreciate that that winning that new job is a sales exercise - so why not demonstrate your sales skills?

How do we teach it?

We teach networking skills - traditional and social media. If you have been employed for more than five years, then your next job will most likely be found via someone you know or someone they know. You will learn how to ask and build that network. And we teach job interview skills but not like everyone else does.

The course will be a refresher on your sales dialogue skills with a focus on selling yourself using a sales methodology that will be new and insightful.

Mastering the job interview is not a theoretical exercise. You need to practise, we use real employers for you to practise with and we use a unique two-way video analysis technique called SIM Training TM that will allow you to continue practising after the course. “Employer feedback" report is used to rate your technique so that you understand exactly where you need to improve your interview skills.

About Our Sales Courses

Growth in Focus Sales TrainingSales mastery is not a “black art". It's a learnable, controlled process that needs extensive practise to achieve competence.

Most sales training courses comprise just a day or two in the classroom with little follow-up.

We do it differently.

The Sales Process

We teach the full process from creating interest to getting a yes, in an immersive one-day experiential sales training workshop with extensive opportunity for follow-up practise over time.

Experiential Learning

Mastering the sales dialog is not a theoretical exercise, you need to practise, so we use real customers and real scenarios from your business for you to practise with.

Sales Course Structures

We focus on your personal skill attainment with one-to-one seller to buyer interactions throughout the course and provide two post-training video coaching sessions to reinforce your new skills. You can also purchase additional one-to-one sessions.

The Follow-up

We capture your practice sessions on video and use a unique two-way video analysis technique called SIM Training TM that allows you to continue practising after the course.

Then we provide a private and confidential “customer feedback" that rates your technique so that you can see exactly where you need to improve.

Growth in Focus Sim Sales Training

Our Course Leaders

Mike Adams

Mike has had an extraordinarily diverse sales career. He has managed sal Mike Adams of Growth in Focus provider of sales training Perth and Melbournees teams in the United Kingdom, Russia, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. Mike has held sales director and head of sales roles in the Oil and Gas, Mining, Telecommunications, Facilities Services and Industrial Safety sectors selling software systems, telecommunications networks, facilities services and industrial products.

Mike has developed corporate sales developement courses at Nokia Networks and Halliburton, and each of his sales management roles included sales development.

Companies that Mike has held sales management roles include Schlumberger, Siemens, Nokia Networks, Halliburton, Spotless, Motorola Solutions and RSEA Safety.

Sue Findlay

Sue FIndlay of Growth in Focus provider of sales training Perth and MelbourneSue is an experienced procurement professional who subsequently built a successful business providing tendering consulting and bid management services. An NLP Master Practitioner, Sue has a passionate interest into neuromarketing and buying psychology, and has procurement and contracting experience working in Government, Health, Oil & Gas, and Mining.

David Black

David Black of Growth in Focus provider of sales training Perth and MelbourneDavid has more than 25 years sales and management experience. His expertise is within many industry sectors including Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Finance and State and Federal Government sectors. David is skilled at facilitating and negotiating new business opportunities for his clients. Companies that David has held sales roles in include Denver Technology, Ajilon Australia, Datacom Systems and NEC.