• Training: sustainable sales skills development through immersive simulations
  • Growth through new business development
    Growth through new business development
  • Growth through increased focus on increasing revenue
    Growth through increased focus on increasing revenue
  • Growth through focused sales management
    Growth through focused sales management

Need your Sales Team Flying Higher?

"All performing sales teams are alike. Non-performing teams fail in their own way"

Apologies to Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

What we do ...

We're focused on your sales growth, our mission is to help boost your sales. As the quotation suggests, the prescription for boosting your sales team will be different in each situation but we know what it looks like when its working well.

Depending on your business situation you may require:

Sales Strategy Support - an experienced set of eyes reviewing your entire sales process and how it interacts with other departments such as customer service, marketing and supply chain. We investigate all aspects of sales in your organisation and provide an actionable report. We can also help implement the actions.

Contract Sales Staff Boost - additional sales staff to cover territories not currently accessed or to cover short term staffing gaps. Lets us find part time and contract staff for you and we can assist with managing them through the high-risk first six months.

Sales Management Boost - a guiding hand for your sales team, part time or on contract basis. Our sales managers have worked across multiple industries and with a variety of sales team types. They bring a unique external perspective to your team organisation and most importantly focus the team on meeting target

Sales Training - An entirely under invested area for more almost every company. We are pretty certain that no other profession in your workforce is as untrained as the average sales team. Addressing that issue can be a major lever for competitive advantage. When we think of sales training, we imagine a hierarchy of skills. At the base, is the foundation, customer conversation skills based on questioning and listening. Virtually no company provided adequate training in this basic skill and yet every other skill, from presenting to proposing to negotiations relies fundamentally on the sales person's customer conversation skills. Check out the academy section of this website to understand our training and development philosophy.

We offer a complete suite of coached online courses to suit every B2B sales situation.

Sales Readiness - this about each member of the sales team understanding the purpose and vision of the company and being able to articulate the unique value that your organisation provides to your customers. We help our clients create a Persuasion Library as a repository of all stories, call scripts, role plays, meeting plans, referral scripts and testimonials. This the critical 'sales collateral' that helps every sales person say the right thing!

Sales Process - There isn't one sales process, there are as many sales processes as there are distinct sales roles in your company. The way that each sales function interacts with the rest of your organisation is also part of your sales processes. We often see situations where sales people spend large parts of their work day performing tasks that are not compatible with their role. Defining sales process and activity KPIs has high improvement potential in most organisation.

Sales Tools - Its critical that the IT systems such as CRM and other business support systems actually support your sales processes. Often these systems just slow the sales person down and are poorly utilised because sales people feel monitored and hassled to use a system that doesn't support the way that they work. There is a better way, and it doesn't need to be expensive, we can show you how to configure IT systems in a way that your sales people will appreciate and accept.

Large Tender Support - Like buses, tenders have a nasty habit of arriving all at the same time. That's when you need a helping hand. Growth in Focus MD, Sue Findlay has been running a successful bid support company for more than ten years. Sue's winning processes and are available nation-wide to support your business through Growth in Focus. We also offer pre-tender coaching for sales managers and sales people and Industry Perspective Audits - where we interview key industry players inside and outside your customer's buying committee to answer questions like:

  • What does your customer really value?
  • How do they like to buy?
  • What do they think of your (the supplier) industry?
  • What do they think of your company? your competitors?
  • How do they think about innovative offers?
  • What do they consider innovative?

All these questions can be answered in a an Industry Perspective Audit (IPA).